Know why drivers fill nitrogen gas in car tyres, does it really have any benefit?


More stable tire pressure: Nitrogen gas is less affected by temperature fluctuations than air, resulting in more stable tire pressure. This means you'll need to check and inflate your tires less often. AA

Reduced tire wear: Stable tire pressure can help reduce tire wear, thereby increasing tire life. 

Improved Handling and Performance: Stable tire pressure can provide better handling and performance, especially at high speeds.

Lower risk of tire punctures: Nitrogen gas is less reactive than oxygen, which can help reduce tire wear and the risk of punctures.


More expensive: Nitrogen gas filling can be slightly more expensive than air.

Less availability: Not all gas stations offer nitrogen gas filling.

Potential negative effects: Some experts believe that nitrogen gas can have a negative effect on tire performance, especially during racing or off-road driving.


Overall, there are some potential benefits of filling car tyres with nitrogen gas, such as more stable tyre pressure, better mileage and reduced tyre wear.

However, it is important to note that these benefits are not always significant and may also have negative effects in some cases.

Deciding if nitrogen gas is right for you depends on your personal driving habits, budget and how readily available nitrogen gas is in your area.

Additional Tips:

If you decide to fill up with nitrogen gas, make sure you go to a reputable garage or service station.

Don't forget to check your tire pressure regularly, even if you fill up with nitrogen gas.

If you do racing or off-road driving, nitrogen gas may not be the best option for you.