If you recognize these 5 traffic signs then you are a heavy driver!


Most car drivers know about the common road signs but there are many such road signs that no one knows about. Today we have brought some such road signs for you that every car driver must know about. 


No Pedestrians, this sign is often found on roads, bridges, tunnels, and other areas where it may be dangerous for pedestrians to walk. There are many reasons for using this sign, such as: This sign is used in areas where pedestrians are at risk of being hit by vehicles, such as busy roads or highways. 


Horn Prohibited, This sign indicates that honking is prohibited on the bridge you are driving on

Narrow Bridge, The Narrow Bridge road sign means that there is a narrow bridge ahead. This sign is usually placed before the place where the road becomes narrow. It warns drivers to be careful and reduce their speed.

The "Uneven Road, Uneven Road" sign has no fixed meaning as it is an informal sign. It is usually used to warn about uneven surfaces or hazards on the road.aa

One-way traffic, this traffic signal means that vehicles are allowed to move in only one direction on the road. This sign is usually placed on the side of the road and indicates the direction in which vehicles should move. In this, one arrow is big and the other is small, you are not allowed to go in the direction of the small arrow.