Fastag: Get your KYC updated today itself, otherwise Fastag will be deactivated after this day.


Fastag has been made mandatory by the Central Government for driving on the highway. If you do not have Fastag then you will have to pay double the toll. Fastag KYC has been made mandatory by the government.

You should do this work today itself. You must get the KYC of Fastag used at the toll plaza done by the last date of this month. Its deadline was fixed by the Central Government as 28th February, but it was extended by one month. Now people driving on the highway are required to update KYC by March 31.

If you do not do this, your Fastag will be deactivated. You should do this important work today itself. After Fastag is deactivated, you will have to pay double tax on toll. To avoid deactivating your Fastag, get your KYC updated today.

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