Car Puncture: If your car gets punctured in the middle of the journey, do this, it will be fixed without any expense


If you also travel by car, then this information is useful for you. Here you will know what to do if the tyre gets punctured on the road during a long journey. How can you fix a punctured tyre without a mechanic? You can fix a puncture yourself without spending money in this way.

Car Puncture Fix

Many times, many problems arise while going on a long journey, in which the biggest fear is the puncture of the car. But you do not need to think so much, here we will tell you how you can fix your car yourself if it gets punctured in the middle of the journey. For this, you will not need any mechanic. For this, you just have to follow these steps.

Do this if your tyre is punctured

  • If the tyre is punctured, first of all push it or drive it to the side of the road. After parking the car on the side, turn on its indicator.
  • To repair a puncture, take out the puncture kit present in the car, the most important things in it are jack, wrench and pliers. After this, put the jack under the tyre of the car and start opening the tyre.
  • After removing the tyre, take out the spare tyre from your car. Now fit this tyre carefully. Keep one thing in mind that you should tighten all the nut bolts properly. After this, the puncture of your car will be cured and you will be able to continue your journey.

It is very important to keep a puncture kit in your car. There are many benefits of keeping both a first aid box and a puncture kit in the car. These prove to be helpful in your trouble. If you want to buy a puncture kit, you can buy it online from any e-commerce platform. You will easily get it for 400-500 rupees.

Kva Plus Kv-136: Puncture Kit

You can get this tubeless tyre puncture repair kit on e-commerce platform for just Rs 228. This puncture kit is not only useful for car but can also be used to repair punctures of bike, truck or any other vehicle. In this kit, you get all the necessary tools with the help of which you can repair quick punctures.

Apart from these puncture kits, you are getting many more options which you can buy as per your need and budget.

amiciAuto Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

You are getting this complete tyre puncture repair kit for only Rs 547. Through this puncture kit, you can make your car run-worthy again. If you know how to use the tools of this kit, then you can easily save your mechanic's expenses.