Car Care Tips: Water coming out of the exhaust pipe of the car, is it normal or is there any problem, know here..


Many times water comes out from your car or the exhaust pipe of other cars running on the road. Some people find this a normal process, while some people call it the cause of major problems in the engine. In this news, we are telling you why water comes out from the exhaust pipe and whether it can cause a malfunction in the engine or any other important part of the car or not.


Is it normal or a problem?
Drops of water dripping from the exhaust pipe of the car are not a problem. This is a normal process. Many types of gas come out from inside the engine, as well as a very small amount of water also comes out in the form of steam. The temperature inside is high, but as soon as it comes out, the steam gets converted into the water due to the temperature and as a result, water droplets drip from the exhaust.

How water is made
Petrol, diesel, or gas is filled in any car. This fuel then goes to the engine. They do not contain water, but oxygen is also needed to run the engine and there is also moisture in the air. This moisture later comes out through the exhaust pipe in the form of droplets.

Weather is also responsible
There is a temperature difference between the exhaust gases and the pipe. Because of this the smoke coming out of the exhaust turns into water. After starting the engine, the smoke goes out from the engine which comes out only through the exhaust pipe. But if the weather is cold, it comes in contact with the cold pipe due to which it turns into water droplets.


Humid climate
In the cold season, the amount of air ie the humidity become more. Due to this water droplets get collected when the car is parked in one place for a long time. When the car is started, then this water starts coming out through the exhaust pipe.