Car Care Tips: The paint of the old car will shine like new, just do this and then see the magic


Car Paint: Many times people buy a new car for fun but are unable to take care of it. This is the reason that due to lack of proper maintenance, the car starts looking old or bad after some time. Often, due to people's carelessness, the paint of the car suffers the most damage. Sometimes the paint of a year car gets very bad and the car starts looking twelve years old. Today we tell you some such tips, with the help of which you can keep your car's paint good and your old car will also look like new. 


Do not park in the sun. 

Whenever you park your car, try not to park it in the sun. By doing this, direct sunlight falls on the car and due to this happening for a long time, the paint starts to lighten. Instead, park the car under a tree, in a parking lot, or in a shaded area. This will keep the shine of the car's paint for a long time. 

Use a cover:

Whenever you park your car, try to cover it using a cover. If you park the car without a cover, the paint can get damaged due to dust. Many particles present in dust can damage the paint. If the car is parked without a cover for a long time, then the paint is adversely affected. Not only this but many other parts of the car can also be protected from dust by using a cover.

Do not wash your car too much.

Washing your car too much can also damage the paint of the car. The parts of the car can rust due to constant exposure to water. So avoid washing your car too much. Try to get your car washed once in 10-12 days. If you use your car a lot or your car is very dirty, then you can get it washed early. 

Use polish 

You can use polish to maintain the shine of the car after washing it. Use polish after cleaning the car thoroughly. Polish not only protects the paint from getting damaged, but it also helps in keeping the shine of the paint like a new car.