Car Care Tips: Keep these things in mind while driving in the summer!


Car Care Tips:  It is the month of June and there is severe heat all over the country. In many areas, the mercury has reached 45-50 degrees Celsius. Due to the heatwave, people are reluctant to even step out of their homes. In such a situation, most people prefer to use the car to go anywhere. Therefore, most people get their car's fuel tank filled in advance so that they do not have any problems later and they can go anywhere. But, do you know whether it is right to fill the car's fuel tank in the summer season or not? Many people do not know this. If you also do not know about this, then do not worry. Today we tell you about this. 


Should I fill the fuel tank of my vehicle or not? 

You can fill the car with as much petrol or diesel as recommended by the company. There is never any problem in filling the tank up to the limit prescribed by the company. If you do not know about it, then to be on the safe side, when you are filling the fuel, do not fill the fuel after the first auto cut from the fuel machine. 

Keep these things in mind while driving in the summer

1. Do not keep lighter and perfume in the car

In summer, the temperature inside the car increases a lot. Sometimes, due to being parked in the sun, the car becomes very hot from inside. This can cause lighters and perfume bottles to burst.

2. Park the car in the shade

Whenever you park your car, try to park it in the shade. This will prevent the car from getting hot from inside and you will not face any problem when you sit in the car. Also, the car will cool down quickly when you turn on the AC.  

3. Keep your tires under-inflated

In summer, the road also gets hot, which increases the air pressure in the tires. This can make the vehicle unsafe and uncomfortable. Therefore, always keep 2 psi less air in the car tires.