Car Care Tips: Filling more air in tires during summer can be dangerous, traveling in the middle can be a problem..


As the summer season approaches, it becomes necessary to take care of your car as well. It becomes very important to take care of car tires in summer as compared to winter. In high temperatures, filling more air in the tires of the car also becomes dangerous at times. In such a situation, there can be trouble in the middle of the journey. In this news, we are telling you that filling more air in the tires of the car in summer can cause problems.


There is a danger of tire burst
In the summer season, if more air is filled in the tire or if there is more air in the tire while running, then their pressure becomes more than the normal pressure. If this happens, there is a risk of a tire burst if the car is running. If the tire bursts while the car is running, a serious accident can also happen.

Road connectivity is less
If there is too much air in the tire, proper contact between the road and the tire is not made. In such a situation, even after having good tires, the car does not get that much grip and in many cases, it becomes the reason for the accident. Therefore, the contact between the road and the tire also keeps the car safe.

Life is short
Too much air in the car tire and too little air also cause damage. If there is more air in the tire, then it affects the capacity of the tire. Tires wear out faster if the car is driven continuously with more air.

All the reasons mentioned above lead to early wear and tear of car tires and also pose a safety hazard. If the tires are not taken care of and the car is driven continuously, then the tires have to be changed even after driving fewer kilometers, which leads to additional expenses.


What do experts say
Experts believe that summer tires require more care than winter ones. If the tires of the car are bad, then it is better to change the tires before the hot summer. Apart from this, if you want to keep the life of the tires of the car more, then it is also right to fill nitrogen in the car.