Best EV in India: These electric cars run more than 400Km on a single charge, charge up to 80 percent in 1 hour


The demand for electric cars has increased a lot across the world, while in India too, the number of electric vehicles will increase significantly in the coming times. Today, through this article, we are telling you about the most popular electric cars in India at present.

Electric vehicles are being given a lot of emphases all over the world to save the environment from harm, now the day is not far when you will see electric cars running on the roads in every corner of the world. On the other hand, if we talk about India, then there are few options regarding electric cars in the country at present, but in the coming time, their number is going to increase significantly and today through this article we are telling you about those electric cars present in India. In detail which ones you can buy this festive season.

Tata Nexon EV: Tata Nexon EV was launched by the company in the year 2020 i.e. last year. This electric version of its ICE engine is getting tremendous response from the customers and this electric SUV is increasing its sales year after year. Significantly, the Tata Nexon Electric is available in 5 variants, XM, XZ+, XZ+ LUX, Dark, and XZ+ LUX Dark, priced at Rs 13.99 lakh, Rs 15.65 lakh, Rs 16.65 lakh, Rs 15.99 lakh, and Rs 16.85 lakh, respectively (X - showroom). It is equipped with a 30.2kWh lithium-ion battery and a permanent magnet synchronous magnet induction motor that is capable of producing 125bhp of power and 245Nm of torque. It claims to offer a proven range of 312km on a single charge. The battery pack takes 1 hour to charge up to 80% with a DC fast charger and 8-9 hours to get fully charged with a standard AC charger.

MG ZS EV: Chinese-owned British automaker MG Motors sells its electric SUV MG ZS in India. The MG ZS EV model uses a premium 44.5 kWh HT (Hi-Tech) battery pack with a proven range of 419 km. This new battery pack is capable of accelerating the car to 100 kmph in 8.5 seconds, this battery pack is capable of generating 143 PS of power and 350 Nm of torque. Not only this, the new battery pack of the MG ZS EV comes with an eight-year warranty, while the company offers a five-year unlimited kilometer warranty or 1.50 lakh kilometer, five-year labor-free service, roadside assistance, 5-way charging infrastructure. also provides. Talking about the price, you can buy it for Rs 20,99,800 (ex-showroom).

Tata Tigor EV: Domestic automaker Tata Motors has recently launched its Tigor EV with updated features. Better features have been included in the new Tata Tigor EV as well as its range has also been improved. The Tigor EV is an electric car powered by Ziptron technology, which is also used by the company in its Tata Nexon EV. Tigor Electric offers a tremendous range of 306 km. It is powered by a 55kW electric motor and a 26kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This powertrain is capable of producing 74bhp (55kW) of power and 170Nm of peak torque. Talking about the price, the starting price of the Tata Tigor EV has been fixed at Rs 11,99,000 (ex-showroom).