Bajaj CNG Bike: 'Hamara Bajaj' is bringing the world's first CNG bike today!


Bajaj cng bike launch: Today is a very special day for bike manufacturing company Bajaj. On July 5, 2024, Bajaj Auto is going to launch the world's first CNG motorcycle (World Frist CNG Bike). According to the information, the name of this bike will be Freedom 125. This bike will be less polluting, more economical and environmentally friendly than the old petrol motorcycles and is expected to revolutionize the two-wheeler market.


You will be able to switch from petrol to CNG

Bajaj Freedom 125 will have a 125cc engine that can run on both petrol and CNG fuel. This means that you will be able to easily switch from petrol to CNG and CNG to petrol anytime while driving. This feature is very beneficial for India where fuel prices are a big concern for the common people.

will reduce pollution

Bajaj Freedom 125 is also very beneficial for the environment. This vehicle causes much less pollution than petrol-powered vehicles. Be it carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons, all these things are emitted much less in a CNG vehicle. This will keep the air clean, which will greatly help in the government's mission to reduce pollution, especially in cities.

you will get only one seat

The price of Bajaj Freedom 125 is expected to be around Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000 (ex-showroom). At this price, it can prove to be an economical and environmentally friendly vehicle. It is worth noting that only one seat will be provided in this bike for now.

Bajaj company already manufactures three-wheeler vehicles with CNG technology, in which they have also got a lot of success. About 60% of the three-wheeler vehicles in India are CNG vehicles of Bajaj. Now by launching Bajaj Freedom 125, Bajaj wants to achieve similar success in the two-wheeler market as well.