Auto Updates: Do not get these words written on your car even by mistake!


Traffic Police Challan:  In today's time, the car is considered a stylish statement. This is the reason why many people modify their new car after buying it to establish their dominance in society. People also spend thousands of rupees on the car to give it a new and stylish look. Along with this, many times people get some words written on the number plate or windshield of their car, which are not allowed to be written on the car. This can also lead to a challan being issued. Let us tell you about it so that you do not make such a mistake and avoid getting a challan. 


Which words should not be written? 

You must have seen that people working in the central government or state government get the name of the Government of India, Uttar Pradesh Government, Uttar Pradesh Police, or any other government department written on their cars. People feel that doing so increases their prestige in the society. But, it is not allowed to get these words written on personal cars. But, ignoring this, people get these words written on their cars. Traffic police can also issue a challan for getting these words written on a personal car. Apart from this, a challan can also be issued for getting words indicating caste or religion written on the car. 

On which cars are these words written?

Let us tell you that the name of the Government of India, the Government of Uttar Pradesh, or any other government department can be written only on those vehicles, which are owned by the government, meaning that the car belongs to a government department. These vehicles are also used for government work. Apart from this, if such words are found written on any vehicle, then action can be taken against them.