Auto Updates: Bike Modification Rules in India!


Bike Modification Rules: Nowadays, modification of bikes has become a very common thing. People make various changes to make their bikes more attractive and stylish. This trend is quite popular among youngsters. Many people are very fond of bikes. People buy new bikes or old bikes, then modify them according to their choice to give them a stylish look. 


How do people modify their bikes? 

Changing the bike's horn, lights, and handlebars and installing new lights is a common thing and is a minor change, but sometimes people make such changes in the bike that it loses its original identity and it becomes difficult to recognize it. People change the bike's suspension and increase or decrease its height, similarly increasing the length of the bike and change the engine, etc. But do you know whether it is right or wrong to modify the bike? Is it illegal to do this and can you have to pay a hefty fine for this? Many people do not know about this. If you also do not know about this, then do not worry. Today we tell you whether modification should be done on the bike or not. 

Is it right or wrong to modify a bike?

Let us tell you that any kind of modification in a bike is illegal. If you make any changes to the bike as handed over to you by the bike manufacturer, then it is illegal. If caught doing this, the traffic police can issue you a challan or even seize your bike. Some people consider changing the horn of the bike a normal thing and get horns with different sounds installed in the bike from the market. But, even doing this can get you a challenge. The sound of the horn should be within a fixed standard. If the sound of the modified horn is more than that, then you can be fined.