Auto Update: You should not buy a car of this color even by mistake!


Best Car Color:  When deciding to buy a car in the summer season, color is an important factor. Cars with dark colors absorb sunlight, causing them to heat up and increase the temperature inside. This puts more strain on the air conditioning and increases fuel consumption.


So, which cars should not be bought in summer?

1. Black car: Black is the colour that absorbs the most heat. Therefore, one should avoid buying a black car in the summer season.

2. Red car: Red color also absorbs a lot of heat. Buying a red car should also be avoided in the summer season.

3. Blue car: Blue is also a heat-absorbing colour. However, it absorbs slightly less heat compared to black and red.

Apart from these colours, cars with metallic paint colors are also not a good option in the summer season. Metallic colors absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it, which makes the car hot.

So, which car should one buy this summer?

1. White Car: White is the color that absorbs the least heat. Hence, buying a white car is the best option in the summer season.

2. Silver Car: Silver color also absorbs less heat. It is the second best choice in the summer season after the white colour.

3. Other light-coloured cars: You can also buy cars in other light colours like light blue, green or yellow. These colours absorb less heat than dark colours.

By following the tips, you can choose a car that keeps you comfortable and the temperature controlled in the summer season.

It is important to note that car color is only one factor that affects your experience in the heat. Other factors such as car type, window tint, and parking space also play an important role.