Auto Tips: This car is perfect for the family in the summer season, know here...


In March, very strong sunlight started. In many cities, hot winds are also blowing during the day. In such a situation, there is a big problem for those people, who have to travel by bike in the hot summer. Because not only does it feel hot during the day, but there is also a risk of getting sick. So now the time has come to buy a small and affordable car for the family, in which everyone can travel with the pleasure of AC.


The car we are talking about here is the Maruti Suzuki Alto. It has been the best-selling car in the country for 22 years. The base model of the Maruti Alto costs Rs 3.54 ex-showroom. This car also gets AC along with basic features, which will save you from the scorching sun and sunstroke in the scorching heat. The price of the car goes up to Rs. 4.20 lakh on-road. If it is financed, then after making a down payment of Rs 1 lakh, a monthly installment of around Rs 5,000 will be made for 7 years.

Model and Color Options
Maruti Suzuki launched the Alto 800 in the year 2000 as a replacement for the Maruti 800. Since then the car has become the first choice of first-time car buyers and the common man alike. Maruti Suzuki has sold more than 38 lakh units of Alto till now. It was also the first entry-level car in India to be launched with a BS6 engine. The Maruti Alto can be bought in 6 models, including Std, Std (O), LXi, LXi (O), VXi, and VXi+. There is also an option. The price of its top model goes up to Rs 5.84 lakh. The CNG option is also available in this.

Great features are available in the car

The cabin gets a beautiful two-tone dashboard with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system at its center, reverse parking sensors, front and rear bottle holders, power windows, remote keyless entry, and front dual airbags. This small car can be bought in 6 colors, which have the option of Silky Silver, Solid White, Granite Grey, Mojito Green, Uptown Red, and Cerulean Blue.