Auto Tips: How much should the e-car battery be charged, what will be the loss or benefit of 100% charging...


Electric vehicles are currently being liked more than before. Many big automakers and startup companies are fast coming forward in this field. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the auto industry. Companies are launching electric cars as well as bikes in this field.


If you also drive an EV, you have to be very careful. Especially in the matter of charging it, a lot of care should be taken. Here we will give you information about some such precautions.

Don't charge 100 percent
The battery of your electric vehicle should not be overcharged. This charging is very similar to the battery of a smartphone. While charging an EV battery, do not charge it up to 100 percent. Lithium-ion batteries found in most EVs perform best in the 30-80 percent charge range. Charging the battery to full capacity continuously puts extra strain on the harmful battery.

Don't let it discharge completely
Never empty the battery as it has a bad effect on the life of the battery. It should be charged again when the charge is about 20 percent. Lithium-Ion batteries provide better performance under normal rather than deep discharge or drain-out conditions. Keep charging till 80 percent charging is achieved.


Let the battery rest after the ride
As soon as you come after riding, you should avoid charging it immediately. Lithium-ion batteries generate excessive heat while supplying power to the motor and this is the reason why it is always safe to charge the battery after at least 30 minutes of cooling.