A toothpaste worth Rs 10 will make your car shine like a mirror!


Car Cleaning Tips:  Many people clean their car every day to keep it sparkling clean, but despite that the dust and dirt stuck in it are not cleaned properly. If you want to get your car cleaned professionally, then it costs from ₹ 300 to ₹ 500, which is very difficult for everyone to pay. If you want to keep your car sparkling at a low cost and with less water consumption, then today we are going to tell you such a cheap and powerful method that will be very useful for you, and by using it you will be able to keep your car like new. 


How to keep your car sparkling clean 

Toothpaste is present in every home, it is used to brighten teeth but if you want, sometimes you can use it to brighten your car also. 

You can clean it with caution 

While cleaning the car in this way, you have to be very careful, otherwise you can spoil the look of your car. If you want to shine your car well, then you should always keep in mind that you should shine only some parts of the car. These parts include the tires or rims of the car, the windshield of the car, and some other parts of it. You do not have to do anything to clean it, just take any ordinary toothpaste present in the house apply it on these parts, and rub it with your hand. You have to keep in mind that before applying toothpaste, you must put water on these parts. After this, you have to leave it like this for 5 minutes and after that, you have to clean it using water. After doing this, these parts of your car shine due to the soda present in the toothpaste.