Utility News: Only six airbags will be available in all passenger vehicles, the Ministry of Transport will issue rules soon


 To save lives in road accidents, now all passenger vehicles will get only six airbags. Despite opposition from some car makers, the Transport Ministry is going ahead with its decision. 

According to reports, this decision of the Transport Ministry has been opposed by many companies due to the reason that six airbags will increase the prices of vehicles. Now according to information received from a senior official, there will be no compromise on security. The rules will be issued soon by the Ministry of Transport, the rules are being finalized.

Significantly, in January 2022, the Ministry of Transport had issued a draft guideline for the safety of passengers. Under this, six airbags, four passenger airbags and two side or curtain airbags were scheduled to be installed in all new cars from October 1. 

As of now, driver and front passenger airbags are mandatory in cars. Cars will become expensive due to the new rules of the Ministry of Transport.