Top 5 Heaviest Bikes: These are the heaviest bikes in India, weight and price will blow your mind...


Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special: Have you ever thought that a bulky bike from a brand like Harley-Davidson can be the lightest bike on the list? But it is true as the Street Glide Special finds its name in this list as the fifth heaviest motorcycle sold in India. Apart from this, it is also the most affordable bike on this list, whose ex-showroom price is Rs. 33.99 lakhs. (Photo: Harley-Davidson)

Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special: The next heaviest bike sold in India also comes from the American motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson. The Road Glide Special weighs 387 kg. The bike comes with a modern twin-LED headlight setup. Its ex-showroom price is Rs 36.99 lakh. The bike is Rs. 3 lakh more expensive than the Street Glide and 12 kg heavier. (Photo: Harley-Davidson)

Honda Gold Wing Tour: Next on the list of heaviest bikes is the Honda Gold Wing Tour. You can see that the Honda bike is heavier than not one but two Harley-Davidson bikes. You will also get an airbag in this. The weight of this bike is 390 kg. Talking about the price, the ex-showroom price of this motorcycle is Rs.39.72 lakhs. (Photo: Honda)

Indian Roadmaster Limited. The weight of this bike of the famous bike brand Indian Motorcycle is 403 kg. The Roadmaster in India is like the Street Glide from Harley-Davidson. The Limited is the decked-out version of the Roadmaster, which comes with a powerful music system and a flashy paint option. The ex-showroom price of this hefty bike is Rs. 43.80 lakhs. (Photo: Indian Motorcycle)

Indian Pursuit Limited: The heaviest bike in India is the Indian Pursuit Limited. This motorcycle is the flagship model of the legendary bike manufacturer Indian Motorcycle, which weighs 416 kg. You cannot buy it directly, but Indian Motorcycle will have to order the bike first. The ex-showroom price of the heaviest bike in the market is Rs. 44.70 lakhs. (Photo: Indian Motorcycle)