This car is very helpful in protecting from sun and heat, the price is less than 3 lakh rupees


Used Car Under 3 Lakh: Cars from Maruti to Honda are present in the second-hand market. The condition of these cars has been shown to be good, yet you should physically check the car once.

Used Car Under 3 Lakh: The rising heat of this year is not hidden from anyone and in such a situation, if you take yourself or your family on a bike or scooter, then you have to face heat and strong sunlight. So today we are going to show you some cheap car (Affordable car) is going to tell about. The price of these cars is less than Rs. 3 lakhs as compared to the brand new ones. To see the details of these cars, you will not need to go anywhere else, you can get the information about the car by sitting at home on your mobile or by staying in the office.

Used car under 3 lakh: Maruti car under 3 lakh

If you are planning to buy a Maruti car for less than Rs 3 lakh, then the Maruti A-Star car is available on Cars24. It comes with ABS and is a second-hand condition car. The price of this second-hand car is Rs 2,72,799. Registered with the RTO in Delhi, this car runs on petrol and is a first-honor car. Not only this, it is an automatic car, so that users will not have to worry about changing gears outside. The registration of this car was done in the month of August 2013.

Used car under 3 lakh: Wagon R second-hand car price

There is also a WagonR car in the second-hand car. This Maruti Wagon R 1.0 LXI MANUAL car has driven 48,000 km and is registered in Delhi. This petrol-powered car is a 2010 model and it is a second honor car. Its insurance is valid till the month of May 2023. The price of this car has been kept at Rs 2.44 lakh.

Used car under 3 lakh: second-hand honda brio

If you are planning to buy a Honda car, then this Honda car can be bought for just Rs 2,50,000. This car is a 2012 model and is registered in Delhi. According to the information listed on the website named Car Dekho, so far this car has run only for 33 thousand kilometers. It has an engine of 1198 cc and works on a manual transmission. This car is manual running on petrol fuel.