This car is no less than a luxury bungalow! Click here to know more about it


If you do not have the tension of eating and resting along with the journey, then the fun of the tour is doubled. We are talking about a car in which you will not need a house while traveling. Here you will find everything from the bed to the dining table inside the car.

A video is going viral on social media in which a car with unique features is shown. The car has all the facilities for eating and sleeping along with a comfortable journey.


The car has been designed keeping in mind all the conveniences during the journey. It has comfortable seats according to its convenience, which can be adjusted up to 180 degrees.

It is being claimed in the viral video that the car belongs to the Mercedes company. There is a wonderful arrangement of lighting inside it. The car is fully automatic. It has LED TV. Along with this, its seats can be adjusted with the remote sensor.