Safe Driving Tips: These mistakes can cause huge damage while driving, Know about them...


Avoid these Driving Habits: Driving a vehicle on the road is a matter of great care and responsibility. Many people also make many mistakes while driving. In which today we are going to tell about some major mistakes that people usually make. If you also make similar mistakes then you should change these habits immediately.


Must use seatbelt
Never forget to wear a seatbelt while driving, always start driving by wearing a seatbelt.

Don't hold down the clutch
Many people always keep their feet on the clutch of the vehicle. This should not be done at all, as it spoils your clutch pads quickly.

Do not leave the fuel tank empty
Always keep more than one-fourth of the fuel in the fuel tank of your vehicle. Never keep it completely empty, it can cause trouble for you in case of emergency.

Don't braking hard
Do not apply the brakes suddenly while driving, as there is a possibility of an accident. Therefore, the brakes in the vehicle should be used very carefully.

Use hand brake properly
Whenever you park your car anywhere, you must get out of the car by applying the hand brake. Often people do not pay attention to this, which is not a good thing.

Do not put your hand on the gear lever
Always release the gear lever immediately after changing gears. Never keep your hand on the gear lever continuously.

Don't get drunk driving
Never drive a car while intoxicated, it puts your life as well as the lives of others in danger.

Avoid overloading
Never allow more people to sit in the vehicle than it is capable of. Do not put pressure on the engine of your car by overloading it unnecessarily.

Take care of the warning light
Absolutely do not ignore the various warning lights given on the dashboard of the vehicle. Otherwise you may suffer a big loss.

Accelerate engine start
Do not press the accelerator repeatedly after starting the engine. This puts unnecessary pressure on the engine of your vehicle. Quit this habit immediately.


Do not drive on the wrong side
Always driving on the right side in the right lane. This greatly reduces your chances of getting into an accident.

Don't use mobile
Using mobile while driving can prove to be dangerous. Therefore, to avoid a situation like an accident, do not do this at all.

Use High Beam Carefully
Do not use high beam while approaching the vehicle from the front, it can lead to a serious accident.