If you are applying for a personal, commercial driving license then new rules will be applicable, know details


If you drive two wheeler or four wheeler and need license then you need not visit Regional Transport Office (RTO) or wait in queue. The central government has introduced new rules for obtaining driving license where driving test is no longer mandatory.


The Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways has changed the rules for obtaining driving license.

1. Driving License New Rules 2022

The new rules will be effective from July 1, 2022. Under this, only private driving centers are to be operated by the State Transport Authority or the Central Government. These centers will be valid for five years and then they will have to be renewed again to continue.

2. There is no need to take a driving test to get a driving license

As per the rules of the Road and Transport Department, if you pass the exam at a state recognized driving training center then you are not required to take the driving test at the RTO while applying for the driving license.

Private Driver Training Center certificate is enough to get a driving license.


3. Rules for opening a private driving training center

At least 1 acre of land should be available for two wheeler and four wheeler training centers and 2 acres for heavy vehicle training.

The private driving training center should have a simulator and a test track.

Trainer must have high school diploma and at least 5 years driving experience.

The center should have information technology and biometric systems.

The center should conduct high quality driving track tests following the transport authority's curriculum.

Light vehicle training will last 29 hours and must be completed within four weeks of onset. (8 hours Theory and 21 hours Practical)

For medium and heavy motor vehicles, training should last 38 hours and be completed within 6 weeks. (8 hours of theory and 31 hours of practical).

4. What are the Different Types of Driving License?

  • Personal and Permanent Driver's License
  • MC 50 cc - Motorcycles with engine capacity of 50 cc or less
  • MC EX50CC - LMV (Cars, Motorcycles) with gears and capacity of 50CC or more
  • MCWOG/FVG - Motorcycles with any engine capacity but without gears
  • M/CYCL.WG - All Geared Motorcycles
  • LMV-NT Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) for Non-Transport Purposes
  • commercial driving license
  • HMV - Heavy Motor Vehicles
  • HGMV - Heavy Goods Motor Vehicles
  • HPMV/HTV - Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle/Heavy Transport Vehicle
  • MGV - Medium Goods Vehicle
  • LMV - LMV - Motorcar, Delivery Van, Jeep and Taxi.
  • Trailer - Heavy Trailer License
  • Apart from these, there is also an International Driving License.

5. Documents Required to Apply for Driving License

  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate / Passport / PAN Card)
  • Address Proof (Ration Card / Passport / Aadhar Card, etc.)
  • one passport size photo
  • 4 Application forms (Forms 1 and 1A are used as medical certificates).