Honda Activa 6G: Features like a car in Activa, will start without a key, will run with gestures, know more...


The specialty of the Honda Activa 6G H-Smart is that it has been equipped with Honda's H-Smart technology. The scooter can now be started without the key as well. Apart from this, many new and advanced features will also be seen in the new model.


The new Honda Activa H-Smart scooter has been launched in three models. Its standard model costs Rs 74,536, the Deluxe model costs Rs 77,036, and the Smart model costs Rs 80,537 ex-showroom. Interestingly, the Honda Activa H-Smart scooter will get 5 such new technologies, which have not come in any two-wheeler till now.

The new scooter gets a smart find feature, which also comes with a smart key. With the help of this key, the scooter can be easily found in dense parking or dark, as the scooter will sound like a car when you press the key button. The scooter can also be locked and unlocked without using any physical key with the help of the smart key.

The engine of the scooter can also be started using this smart key, but the key must be within a radius of two meters. It also gets an engine start and stops switch. The Honda Activa H-Smart version is also longer than the current Activa. The new scooter is getting the same 110 cc PGM-FI engine as before. It also comes with Advanced Smart Power (ESP) technology, providing linear power generation.


It will also get to see a longer footboard area, a new passing switch and DC LED headlamp. Apart from this, the scooter will now get a new set of newly designed alloy wheels. The scooter will get 12-inch front alloy wheels, telescopic front suspension and adjustable rear suspension, which will provide a comfortable riding experience. Honda claims that the new scooter comes with many new technologies.