Electric Cars: Why don't electric cars come in the range of Rs 5 to 10 lakhs, know what is the reason..


Electric Cars Price: Right now the cheapest electric car available in the country is also priced above Rs 12 lakh and seeing this, many people wonder whether an electric car will ever come in the price range of Rs 5-10 lakh in the country. So looking at the immediate possibilities, the answer would be no. This answer can be said on the basis of the concept of electric cars and the technologies used. Because with the challenges of continuously increasing the range, it is not possible to reduce the cost.


Maruti abandoned EV plan
Maruti has abandoned the plan to bring its electric WagonR in the market and has now prepared a plan to bring a new EV at a higher price. In fact, there is no hope of an affordable EV hitting the market right now. MG's new EV can cost around Rs 10 lakh. Whereas the Tiago EV may also have to pay almost the same price.

If the price goes down then the sales will decrease
In this price range, companies will have to compromise on the range of the car to reduce the cost of manufacturing the cars. This can reduce the range of electric cars by around 150 kms, so that customers will not buy it worrying about the short range. While the above range of cars can be bought in the country only considering a large network of chargers, it will take a long time to create such infrastructure in India and even then it will not be easy to make a large scale charging system possible.

That's why electric cars are expensive
The cost of lithium-ion battery technology used in electric vehicles is the highest. Due to rising global sales and demand for EVs, lithium prices are unlikely to come down. The only way to cut costs is to produce them (lithium ion batteries and electric vehicles) locally. But even this will not make much difference in their costs.


It will take a long time
Right now the market in the country in general in the price range of Rs 12 to 25 lakhs is suitable for these vehicles. The range and battery performance of less than this is not good for the customers. This shows that customers in India want to see EVs under Rs 10 lakh, but how affordable they will be in the future depends on new technologies. Right now it is time for a truly affordable electric car to arrive.