E-Scooter Update: You can connect this scooter to the smartphone, and you will get every information about the battery...


These days vehicle manufacturers are focusing more on electric vehicles. Many electric cars, electric scooters, and electric bikes have been launched in the last one or two years. Some of these electric vehicles come with very advanced features. Bounce company launched a similar electric scooter last year, which comes with the feature of fitting a SIM card in the battery. The name of this scooter is Bounce Infinity E1.


Ever since the delivery, people are comparing the Bound Infinity electric scooter with the Ola Scooter. The special thing about this scooter is that customers can buy it without a battery as well and can get the battery installed from outside. Its battery can be easily removed and installed. However, the battery coming from the company is very powerful. People are talking a lot about the battery because of the SIM card.

How does the SIM card feature work?
The biggest feature of this scooter is the SIM card feature. A SIM card is given in its battery, which you can connect directly to your smartphone. The battery can be tracked with GPS if taken anywhere by connecting it to a smartphone. Apart from this, much other information including the capacity of the battery is available through the SIM card. Due to the IP rating of the battery being 68, it does not cause any harm even if it goes underwater. Apart from this, it can be replaced if it gets damaged before 45000 km or 3 years.

Range and other features
The range of this electric scooter is 80 km. It can run up to 60 km in power mode. Apart from this, many advanced features like anti-theft, live location tracking, geofencing, and tow alert cruise control have been given in it. Can carry weight up to 200 kg on the scooter. It gets 12-inch tubeless tires, telescopic suspension, and disc brakes. 3 years warranty is available for its motor. If the motor wears out after running less than 40,000 km, it can be replaced.


Price and Charging Time
The price of Bounce Infinity E1 is less than 70 thousand rupees. Its price with battery is Rs 88,100. Its biggest feature is that there is no need to take the scooter near the charging point to charge it. It can be carried and charged anywhere because of the swipeable battery. This battery gets fully charged in 4 to 5 hours. Apart from this, it consumes only two units of electricity for a full charge.