Car Tips: If you want to keep the car new for a long time, then do these measures..


Car Maintenance: Often people are seen careless about their car. The condition of the vehicle starts deteriorating very quickly and its life also gets reduced. Therefore, if you want a long life of your car, then you must adopt some tips, so that your car remains like new for a long time. So let's know which are those tips. Many people are careless about servicing the vehicle, such people do not get the vehicle serviced until it starts causing a lot of problems. If you do the same then you can get into this habit. This has a bad effect on the engine of your vehicle and also reduces the mileage. Also, servicing after a long time can cost more. Therefore, the servicing of the vehicle must be done at the right time.


Do washing regularly
If you do not clean your car regularly, then it not only makes you look bad, but also affects its color and gradually technical flaws also start arising. That's why you should keep washing and cleaning your car well from time to time.

Holding down the clutch
A lot of people keep their foot on the clutch even after changing gears while driving, which results in poor mileage of the vehicle and also has a bad effect on the engine. People also make the same mistake while driving on hilly roads which is more harmful. So this habit should be changed immediately.


Pay attention while servicing
Often people leave the car for servicing and get involved in some other work. This is not a good habit, you should take special care of your vehicle during this time. One should be more careful especially while getting the engine oil poured.