Car & Bike Care: Do you know what happens to the cylinder block in your car and bike, take care of it like this...


The cylinder is used in both bikes and cars. Bikes are generally single-cylinder only. Cars can be of 2, 3, or 4 cylinders. 6 cylinders are used in big trucks. Any kind of problem in this reduces the value of the vehicle. People also get upset due to malfunctions from time to time. Before any kind of problem occurs in the cylinder block, be sure to know about its symptoms.
While getting the engine repaired, most people forget to put the gasket after fixing the cylinder on top of the body. This can also cause leakage problems.


What is a car cylinder block
In simple words, the number of cylinders the vehicle has, the more pistons are used in it. Keep the piston in the middle of the cylinder. Below this is the crankshaft. The piston-cylinder moves up and down when the crankshaft rotates through the piston connecting rod. Due to the combustion on it, the car starts. Most people pay very little attention to these parts. It is inside the engine, so people's eyes do not go over it.

How to save cylinder block from damage
To prevent the cylinder block from getting damaged, get the vehicle serviced regularly. Some people get washing done at the time of servicing and repairing if there is a defect in it, but not checking the engine oil can also cause a defect in the cylinder block. Keep checking the engine oil and coolant regularly so that the cylinder block does not get damaged due to heating. Avoid using only water instead of coolant.


Radiator fan
Due to the failure of the radiator fan, the engine of the vehicle heats up very quickly due to its shutdown. This can damage the cylinder block very quickly. The shape of the cylinder and piston can be seen due to the change in shape due to overheating of the engine. Not only this, there is a possibility of engine seizure due to the radiator fan being off for a long time. Keep checking the radiator fan from time to time to avoid damage to the cylinder block.