CNG Car Vs Electric Car: There is confusion about which one is best, we guide you


People are preferring CNG and electric cars more than petrol and diesel, the running cost of both these options is much less. CNG and electric car have their advantages and disadvantages. By reading this news your confusion about CNG and electric cars will be cleared.

The Indian car market is going through a period of change. The biggest contributor to this has been the prices of petrol and diesel. Looking at the prices of petrol and diesel, people are now giving preference to other options. This is the reason why the sales of CNG and electric cars have been increasing for some time now. Both these options not only provide relief from the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel but are also eco-friendly. But being a car buyer, the question often arises in the mind which option will be better between a CNG car and electric car. Let us try to know the answer to this question.

CNG and Electric Car

CNG is an eco-friendly fuel, which is a great alternative to petrol and diesel. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is used as fuel to run a CNG car. At the same time, the electric car has a battery pack and an electric motor. The electric motor works by using the power of the battery pack, which drives the car. The electric car is charged.

Advantages of CNG Car

  • CNG does not rely on oil-based fuels like petrol and diesel. It is an eco-friendly fuel and emits far less harmful gases than petrol and diesel.
  • Its running cost is less compared to a fuel-based car.
  • It is a cheaper option as compared to petrol and diesel.
  • The facility of running on petrol and diesel is also available in CNG cars. If your car has less CNG, then you can drive the car on petrol and reach the nearest CNG station.

CNG car disadvantages

  • A CNG kit has to be installed in a CNG car. This kit occupies a huge space in the car. Therefore, there is a problem in keeping the luggage behind in the car.
  • It is very difficult to find CNG stations everywhere. It can be difficult to find a CNG station in other cities and states except in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Using CNG reduces the power output of the car. Compared to petrol and diesel, the power output of a CNG car is reduced by 10 percent.

advantages of electric car

  • Electricity is used in an electric car. Therefore it does not emit carbon.
  • The government gives a lot of discounts to promote electric vehicles. The subsidy and tax exemption available for buying an electric car significantly reduce the cost of the car.
  • The running cost of an electric car is much less compared to other fuel-based cars.
  • Every electric car comes with a single-gear automatic transmission. This makes driving in traffic and on the highway very easy.
  • You do not have to worry about the maintenance cost.

Disadvantages of electric car

  • The electric car is very expensive because its battery cost is very high.
  • Electric cars are in their early stages, so it is extremely difficult to find charging stations everywhere.
  • An affordable electric car runs less than 400 km on a single charge. Therefore, another arrangement has to be made to cover long distances.

Which to choose between the two?

If you are still confused about CNG and electric cars, then first of all think about your requirement. If you are ready to spend a good amount of money and will travel limited on highways etc. then an electric car is a good option for you. At the same time, if the budget comes in the way and then a CNG car can be bought. But after understanding the comparison of CNG and electric cars, take a decision only.