Auto Tips: You can easily check the oil level in your car, know how to check it...


People driving petrol and diesel engine vehicles have complaints about oil. Due to its deficiency in the engine, many times the car also gets damaged. Not only this, but while traveling long distances, the engine of the car also gets hot very quickly. It is very important to check its quantity. If you drive regularly, then check it after every 2 weeks. Many people adopt the wrong method for this. Why you are also making mistakes while checking the oil?
There are many ways to check this. But sometimes people make small mistakes. You can adopt these methods to check engine oil in the vehicle.


Some people start checking the engine oil after starting the vehicle. In such a situation, there is a possibility of it coming out and going into the eyes. To check this, first, stop the engine. After that let it cool down for a while. There are times when people are not able to check it properly due to the hot engine. Many new technology vehicles are available in the market, in which hot engine oil can also be checked.

Park the car on a flat place
To check the engine oil, first park the vehicle on a level surface. With this, you can find out about the right amount of oil from it. Parking at an Uber Khabar location doesn't give the exact amount of information. After this, you can open the hood of the vehicle after popping it. If the engine is hot, let it cool down for a while. The way water suddenly comes out of the coolant when the engine is hot, the same can happen with engine oil.


How to check the lubrication
To check whether the engine oil is correct or not, when it is time to change it, first take out the oil and put it on a pinch. Now try to mash it slowly with the help of your finger. If the smoothness has gone from it and it looks rough, then understand that the oil has gone completely bad. Not only this, you can check it even without putting it on your finger. Even if its color is dark black, there are still possibilities of spoiling it.