Auto Tips: You can change your car filter at home too, follow these easy tips..


Whether the car is new or old, its regular maintenance is very important. For this, many times you may need to go to the service center. However, there are many maintenance jobs that you can do yourself. You may not be able to do things like changing the engine oil or spark plugs, but you can easily change the engine air filter of your car.


Replacing the engine air filter yourself can save you a lot of money. Many car service centers charge a lot for checking and replacing the air filter. No point wasting money on it when you can do it yourself. Periodically checking the air filter will tell you about its condition and you will also know when to replace the air filter.

First, locate the air filter housing
Open the hood of the car and you can locate the engine air filter housing. It is usually a black colored plastic box located above or next to the engine. Also, try to check that there is a large hose sticking out of the side of the box to make it easier for you to locate.

Open the housing and take out the old filter
After locating the engine air filter open the black plastic housing and remove the old filter. Be very careful while doing this work, as wiring harnesses and electrical components may be connected to it. Also, wipe away any dirt and debris from the housing with a cloth.

Check the old filter thoroughly
After removing the old air filter, closely examine it for any debris or dirt, or worn parts. Apart from the outer area, check the inner pleats as well. If there is a lot of dirt in it, then understand that the time has come to change the air filter. A dirty air filter is just as dangerous to a car's engine as no filter at all.


Set a new air filter
If the old air filter is too dirty to be replaced, then get a new air filter from the market and make sure you buy a branded air filter. No point in wasting money on local or poor-quality air filters. Place the new engine air filter in the filter box. Apply it with the rubber rim facing up. Take care that the air filter and rubber rim are correctly positioned.