Auto Tips: Why there is no groove in the tires of Racing Car, how is it so fast even after being flat? know here...


People with different hobbies like to buy vehicles according to their preferences. Those who have more craze for speed, they mostly buy racing cars only. Its speed is very high. Not only this, but it also has higher ground clearance as compared to a normal car. Apart from this, if we talk about tigers, then they are completely different. Usually, people get into the vehicle with grippy tires. But there is no grip on it.


Despite not having this, racing cars can run at very high speeds. Problems like sleeping or slipping are rarely seen in them. It has many advantages and disadvantages.

How is a flat tire different from a normal one?
Generally, normal car tires have a lot of grips. With the help of this, it is possible to drive on unpaved roads or plain roads. Many times even accidents happen after it wears down. This is the reason why people keep checking the tires from time to time. When there is a slight decrease in the plane, people start changing it. But the opposite happens in a racing car. There are no poor in it, yet it can run at a very high speed.

This causes flat tires
Generally, the vehicle needs a grip on the tires to drive it on rough and unpaved roads. Not only this, but if the tires are flat during the rainy season, many times accidents also happen. Climbing is now a normal task in sloping terrain which is very difficult to do with the tires. The biggest reason behind giving flat tires in a racing car is its speed. Due to this, the car can maintain its sleeping tendency along with its speed.


Drive a racing car on a special track
Racing cars are rarely seen on normal roads. Usually, people buy it to compete with other cars. Most people do not drive it in the street and locality but on a special track. The track is in perfect condition with no bumps or potholes anywhere. The road is also completely flat and due to the flatness of the tires, a grip is automatically created between the two. For this reason, the speed of the racing car is very high. Apart from this, the drivers can drive it very easily.