Auto Tips: Why most vehicles are sold in January, know the secret behind it...


Have you ever noticed that more vehicles are sold in January and February than in any festival season? The sale of cars is indeed very high every year, especially in January. There are many reasons behind this as well. Like companies offering good discounts on cars, giving various gifts and service schemes from dealers. But why do dealers and companies do this? Let us know what is the reason for selling more cars in January itself.


-The biggest reason for the high sales of cars in January is the elimination of lots of manufactured vehicles from the previous year. Due to this, along with car companies, dealers also give good offers on cars from old lots. This reason is in front of everyone, by the way, there are some other reasons too, let's know what they are….

-With March approaching and taking tax rebates through car purchases, people buy a maximum number of vehicles in January and February.

-Along with the benefits available on old manufacturing, getting a new registration date should not affect the value of the vehicle.

-Talking about 2022, the sales of vehicles made this year are also expected to be higher in January 2023, due to the introduction of BS6 Phase 2. This will be applicable from April 1 and after that, the sale of all BS6 vehicles will stop. Due to this, BS6 vehicles are expected to sell more in January and February.

What is your advantage?
There are many benefits to buying a used manufactured vehicle. These vehicles are offered to you at a much lower price than the actual ex-showroom price. Along with this, many offers related to service and accessories are also available on them. At the same time, despite the manufacturing being old, its registration is done on the same date on which you bought it. That's why it never gets old in papers.


What are the disadvantages?
There is only one downside of buying an old manufactured vehicle and that is technology. These days new technology vehicles are coming every day. In such a situation, you can get some features less by taking an old car, but this too will not be a loss deal.