Auto Tips: While buying a used car, keep these things in mind to know whether it is accidental or not....


These days the market for second-hand vehicles is also very hot. People are also preferring to take second-hand vehicles instead of new vehicles. These are less in budget and mind-blowing features are also available in such. For those who have experience with it, it is very easy to know about the engine and other things. On the other hand, it is very difficult for common people to do this.


In such a situation, apart from looking at the condition of the vehicle, you can also check the insurance and other documents to know whether it is accidental or not. Apart from this, some people also take the help of mechanics.

Find out like this from the insurance paper
While buying a used car, it is very difficult to ascertain whether it has met with an accident before or not. There are 3 ways to find out. The most solid and accurate way out of these is to get information by looking at the insurance paper. If you are buying a second-hand car, then definitely check the NCB i.e. No Claim Bonus in the insurance paper. If this component is missing, then you should understand that the vehicle has been repaired after taking the insurance claim first. Apart from this, you can get information from the service center.

Get information like this from the service center
Apart from the insurance paper, you can get information from the service center. But for this, you have to do some hard work. Not only this, all the documents of the vehicle can be got checked from the service center with the permission of the owner. Many times the service center people refuse to give the records about the vehicle. In such a situation, you can take the owner along. After extracting the service details, you can read them and check what was wrong with the vehicle so far and what has been repaired.


You can also find out by looking at these physical signs.
While buying a used vehicle, minor repairs or wear and tear can be ignored except on the engine. But it is very important to check the engine chassis and body as well as some important parts. For this, you can take the help of a trained mechanic. If you see any uber news on the chassis of the car, then definitely check by blowing off the paint from there. In such a situation there would have been a possibility of joint ie welding. Also, check the body of the vehicle. Problems can arise if the steering wheel is tight or if you switch to petrol suddenly while driving on CNG. Apart from this, you can also check by driving the vehicle. If you are buying a secondhand car for the first time, then take the advice of a trained mechanic to check it.