Auto Tips: What are blind spots in the car, how do they become the reason for the accident, know what to do to avoid it...


A major reason for accidents while driving is those blind spots that we ignore. However, to minimize these blind spots, side mirrors are fitted. Still, many such places are not even visible in the side mirror of the vehicle and due to this, there is a possibility of an accident.


If a small vehicle is moving just behind the vehicle and it is less than 2 meters away, then sometimes it is not visible in the side mirror. In such a situation, suddenly coming forward to overtake this vehicle can cause a big accident.

The remedy for this has now come in the new luxury car. Newer vehicles also have a parking mirror which is placed just behind the vehicle, while parking the vehicle, the entire rear area can be seen on the screen placed under the dashboard. Apart from parking, this camera can also be used during normal driving.

Another big blind spot is the smooth running of a vehicle. Usually, the attention of every driver is on the windscreen. But many times a vehicle starts moving at the same time and does not even appear in the mirror when it is more than 5 meters away. Now there are chances of an accident when overtaking and changing the lane of this vehicle. To avoid this, while driving, the drivers keep looking at their left side, that is, the opposite hand.

It is not only necessary to avoid the blind spot itself, but as a good driver, care should also be taken that your vehicle should not come in the blind spot of any other vehicle. This often happens with big heavy loader trucks.


There are many blind spots for big truck drivers and accidents involving trucks are also counted in thousands every year. The best way to avoid this is what is written on the back of American trucks if you are not able to see the truck driver's side mirror, then the driver is not able to see your vehicle.

This is a recipe that can be used for the successful journey of every vehicle, not just trucks. Whatever speed you are on the road, make sure that you can see the side mirror of the vehicle in front of you.