Auto Tips: Know how car brakes fail, what to do in such a situation, know the methods that will avoid the accident..


While driving the car, many times there is a situation of less braking or no braking at all. In such a situation, big accidents also happen. However, most accidents also happen due to nervousness during the absence of brakes. In such a situation, it is very important to act with restraint and by understanding the situation, you can easily stop the vehicle with some easy methods and any kind of major accident can be avoided.


However, it is also important to know under what conditions brake failure occurs. Because most of the condition of brake failure is due to negligence and not doing proper maintenance of the car. So let's first know what are the reasons due to why the brakes of the car fail.

Leaking brake fluid
Brake fluid is a type of oil that creates pressure with the help of the motor and the disc pads move. With the help of this, brakes are applied. Sometimes due to the leaking of brake fluid, the pressure is not created and the brakes of the car do not apply.

Brake master or motor failure
Due to sudden failure of the brake master or motor, you may also have to go through brake failure or brake sticking. The reason for its sudden deterioration is also the low level of brake fluid.

What to do if the brake fails
In case of brake failure, first, take the car in lower gear. Simultaneously push the brake pedal continuously.

Shifting the car quickly into second gear and releasing the clutch suddenly, it will decelerate jerkily.

Pull the vehicle to the side of the road and reduce the speed after seeing the space.


Along with this, bring the vehicle in first gear and do not accelerate at all.

Pull the handbrake slowly, this will bring the car to a stop.

After this take out the key of the car, this will stop the engine and the car will stop with a jerk due to being in gear.