Auto Tips: Is there any problem in driving the car, whether it is time to change the tyre, check this way..


No matter how beautiful the exterior and interior of the car are, the quality of the car is made by its engine and tires. Although the engine is taken care of during the service of the car, many car owners ignore the tires of their car. But it is very important to take care of the tires of the car because if the tire gets messed up then a dangerous accident can also happen. Let us know how to take care of the tires of your car and how to know that they need to be replaced now.


Many car drivers fill and check their car tires themselves. For this reason, he keeps a check on the tires of his car that they are not worn out much or even a single percent is loose. If the grip of the tire has deteriorated, then it is very important to replace it. Because the braking week of the car becomes due to worn-out tires.

On the other hand, if the tire is getting loose again and again despite getting it repaired, then this is also not a good sign. This means that your tire is being misaligned. In such a situation, without being negligent, immediately consult a mechanic and get the tire changed.
Many times it also happens that if the car is not driven for a long time, then the tire rubber starts getting hard. In such a situation, getting cracks on the tire is not a big deal. These cracks can be very dangerous when you are planning a long-distance trip.


These cracks can be dangerous for a vehicle moving at a speed of 100 kmph, so it is better to get new tires fitted before taking the vehicle for long distances. Apart from this, your tire is usually made to run 40 to 50 thousand kilometers, after that it is better to get the change done for safety and security.