Auto Tips: Is adulterated petrol being put in your car? know how to check it...


People put petrol in vehicles to run two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Often people have many types of questions in their mind regarding its quality. In the initial times, people ignore it. Many times people also question the quality of the petrol pump after the reduction in the mileage of the vehicle or the repeated failure of the engine. Do you also remain in doubt about whether petrol is adulterated or not?


Through filter paper, its quality can be checked very easily within just 1 minute. There will be no need to spend a single rupee on this.

What is filter paper?
After repeated questions by the customers regarding adulteration in petrol, a rule has been issued by the government. Under this, any person has every right to question its quality. Not only this, but customers can also check its quality while buying it at any petrol pump. Filter paper is available at all petrol pumps. For this, customers do not need to pay separately. You can check it in front of you at the petrol pump itself.

Clean the nozzle
If you are also going to check its quality at a petrol pump, then it is very important to pay attention to some things. Some people check it without taking precautions. First of all, clean the petrol filling nozzle completely. Many times people are not able to check properly when there is dirt in it. Keep it closed while checking the nearby vehicles. Any kind of untoward can happen after running out of petrol if the vehicle is running.


Do this test in just one minute
First of all, after taking a filter paper from the pump, pour one to two drops of petrol over it from the nozzle. After this wait for 1 to 2 minutes till it dries. When the petrol evaporates completely, if any stains are visible on the paper i.e. filter paper, then understand that it is adulterated. When it is pure, the color of the filter paper remains the same. After adulteration, you can complain about it in the direct consumer department.