Auto Tips: If you are going to snowy valleys by car, then keep these things in mind...


Driving in snowy weather can be a challenging task for drivers. Snowfall and fog greatly reduce visibility for motorists, while melted snow on the ground smoothes the roads, posing a serious challenge to motorists. The conditions in the winter season put the driving skills of an experienced driver to the test. For this, the driver needs to be extra careful and alert while driving in challenging winter conditions.


Such harsh weather conditions can lead to fatal road accidents due to dangerous or bad driving habits and violating traffic rules. Harsh winter conditions including snowfall and dense fog create difficulties for drivers every year in India, especially in the northern and northeastern regions. If you are also going to visit these areas in such weather, then you also need to take some precautions.

Keep the indicators on
While driving in such weather, always keep in mind that your vehicle remains visible on the road through lights or indicators. Always use indicators while driving during snowfall or dense fog. While driving in snowy weather, always use the indicators before turning left or right. With this, your vehicle and the direction in which it is going will be visible to other vehicles coming from behind.

Do not over speeding at all
Driving at high speed can be a thrilling experience for any driver, but in snowy weather when the road is slippery and visibility is low, it can be dangerous. Overspeeding in such situations not only puts you and your co-travelers at risk. Rather it also creates danger for other vehicles on the road. This is one of the reasons behind the pile-ups on the National Highways. Even though driving at high speed is fine in clear weather and clear road conditions.

Keep headlights on low beam
Always keep in mind that while driving in snowy weather, the headlights of your car should be on a low beam. It may be nice to use high beams, but driving with headlights on high beams creates a lot of visual discomfort for oncoming drivers. This can be dangerous for them, as they are suddenly blinded by the high-intensity high-beam of the headlights.

Drive in the same lane
It is not recommended to change lanes suddenly on the highway even in clear weather. This should not be done at all in winter, as it can be dangerous on a slippery and icy road. Always ensure that you stay in the same lane while driving in snowy conditions with low visibility.


Keep windows defrosted
Keep vehicle windows and windshield defrosted while driving. Keep cleaning them regularly for good visibility while driving. In winter, ice builds up on the windshield and windows, which reduces visibility. Use the wipers to clean the windshield and defrost the glass windows and windshield.