Auto Tips: If you are going to give a Driving License Test, then do this preparation first, lest the application gets cancelled...


At the age of 18, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is to get their driving license, and preparations are also started for this. But getting a driving license is not that easy. For this, everyone has to go through viva along with practical and written. In such a situation, many times people's application for a driving license gets rejected and they have to wait for 6 months after applying for a learner's license.


However, passing this test is not that difficult and we can easily pass it by keeping a few things in mind. To pass it, you need to have basic knowledge of traffic rules along with taking some precautions. So let us tell you what you have to do to get a driving license and what things you have to keep in mind.

Get Learner's License and…
Before getting a driving license, everyone has to take a learner's license. After taking this you can learn to drive a car. After learning to drive a car, practice driving well in your car.

While going to give the test, take the same car on which you have practiced because it will be easy for you to drive and you will know about its nuances.

Get the car serviced before taking it for a test so that there is no defect in its basic features like light indicator horn etc. If any such feature does not work during the test, then your application can be rejected.

Check all the mirrors of the car properly so that during the test you can easily see all around and you can use them during the turn. During the test, the instructor keeps a close eye on whether

Whether you are using back view and side mirrors while driving.

Get complete knowledge of driving rules and traffic signals.

Take the documents of the car along with you during the test and get complete information about them as well.