Auto Tips: How to protect car windshields from the fog? know here some easy tips...


Whether it is winter or rainy season, it is very common for fog or fog to form on the glass of the car. Difficulty seeing out of the fog. Because of this many times accidents also happen. The reason for fogging on the windshield is the difference between the humidity and temperature inside and outside the car. Apart from cold glass, the interaction of outside temperature with inside temperature also causes fogging on the windshield. Whenever the outside air comes in contact with the windshield of the car, it creates steam, due to which the fog starts to form.


If the AC is on inside the car, the difference between the temperature inside the cabin and outside becomes and the fogging becomes more frequent. This problem can be solved by using the AC of the car. Here are some simple tips to defog your car windshield using car AC and other methods.

Increase ac temperature
Raising the temperature of the AC inside the car cabin is one way to defogger the windshield. This causes hot air inside the cabin to hit the windshield, increasing its temperature. This can be done by using the car's heater and the defogging vents at the bottom of the windshield. It is a good way to remove fog in humid climatic conditions, especially during monsoons.

Open a window for a while
If the humidity outside is less than in the cabin of the car, it means that the humidity inside the cabin is high. Because of this also fog starts accumulating on the windshield. This can be reduced by opening one or more windows for a while. By doing this, the outside air coming into the car and inside the car cabin will quickly reduce the dew point and also eliminate the fog accumulated on the windshield.

Use AC as a Dehumidifier
AC can be used as a dehumidifier inside the car cabin. Most of the cars come with features like climate control. And when you switch on the defrost setting, it turns on the AC system automatically. If you want warm air inside the cabin, the AC will first dehumidify the inside air and then heat it by blowing hot air from the heater. If you turn on the AC and set it in cooling mode, the cool air on the windshield will cause the moisture to evaporate.


Use engine temperature
Check if the engine temperature is around 90 degree Celsius. This will enable the windshield of the car to be defogged quickly and properly. Combined with engine temperature, it becomes easier for the air conditioning system to rapidly defogger the windscreen. During this, take care not to wipe the fog off the windshield, as this can leave the glass dirty and scratched on the windshield.