Auto Tips: How to know that your car's brakes are going to get damaged, when do they have to be replaced? know here...


Brakes are very important for any type of vehicle, be it two wheelers or a four-wheeler. It is used to stop the vehicle. Failure of brakes while driving or any kind of problem in it can not only lead to accidents but can also lead to the loss of many lives. But there are very few people who pay attention to it. You can avoid accidents by paying attention to this in time. For this, it is very important to know when to check the brakes.


Sometimes, due to the problem of brakes, the tires of the vehicle also get worn out quickly. Due to this, later thousands of rupees have to be spent on the vehicle. You can follow some steps to prevent it from getting spoiled.

When to check brakes
There is no fixed time to check the brakes on vehicles. If you drive a regular car and in such a situation there is any kind of noise coming from the brakes, then get off the car and check it once. Not only this, but if more force is required to apply brakes, then in such a situation you can get the brakes checked by a mechanic. Many times, due to not getting the wheel alignment done on time, the vehicle stops in between even without using the brakes.

Due to this, there is a fault in the brake.
There can be many reasons behind brake failure. Generally, due to a lack of oil and grease in it, different types of sounds start coming. It can also cause problems if you hit the brakes after a stone comes under the tire while driving in uber Khabar or hilly areas. Apart from this, when the brake shoe gets worn, more force has to be applied to use it. The problem of brake wear also arises due to not getting the wheel alignment done on time.


When to do brake replacement
If it gets damaged even after repeated brake repairs, then get it replaced soon. Brakes also have an expiry date. If it is more than this, due to wear and tear, various problems keep coming. Thousands of rupees are spent on getting the braking system changed in vehicles. For this reason, some people use it even after it is worn out. In such a situation, driving the vehicle at high speed can lead to many problems in controlling it. Take the advice of a trained mechanic before getting it replaced.