Auto Tips: How to install an Electric Vehicle charger at home, know step by step method here...


If the rising prices of petrol and diesel as well as increasing pollution have forced you to buy an electric vehicle, then now you must have an electric vehicle charger installed as well. However, many electric vehicles get charged even by plugging them into a direct socket. But neither this method is safe nor it does not provide good quality and speed charging to your electric car or bike. That's why it is better that you install an electric vehicle charger at home.


To install an EV charger, first, you have to call a certified electrician who can check the wiring and panel of the house to see if a level 2 charging port for the electric vehicle can be installed here or not. If your electricity meter is of low load, then you will have to increase the meter load by giving an application to your electricity provider.

If the electricity meter can take the load, then all you have to do is bring a level 2 charger from a good company to your electrician. Remember that you should take a charger of a brand which may be a bit expensive but is shock and fireproof. Now many car companies also provide electric chargers according to your car. You can take that charger from your car company.


Can EV fast charging be installed at home?
Fast charging or rapid charging is liked by every electric vehicle driver. But this fast charging requires a level 3 charger that runs on DC. But only AC is allowed in our homes. That's why a level 3 charger or fast charger cannot be installed in the house. Fast charging is currently available only at rapid charging stations.