Auto Tips: Even fog and mist will not be able to stop the way! Follow these tips while driving...


It is getting cold in many states of the country. Many cities are in the grip of severe winter. During this, it is becoming difficult to drive vehicles on the roads due to fog and mist in the morning and evening. Many accidents have also happened in different places due to fog. Many people have also lost their lives in this. To avoid such accidents, the driving style should also be changed when there is dense fog on the roads.


Generally, drivers of cars or other vehicles make many mistakes due to haste or nervousness in dense fog. This increases the possibility of an accident. What would you do if you too had to drive in such conditions? There is no need to worry about fog and mist. Just need to be careful while driving. Here we will tell you some similar tips for driving in fog.

Keep the speed low and calm yourself
Whenever conditions like dense fog or mist are created during driving, first of all, reduce the speed of the vehicle. If you are on the highway then it is better to keep the speed of the vehicle up to 40 km per hour. Apart from this, keep your distance from the vehicle going in front. This means that one should not walk exactly behind the vehicle in front. There should be a space of about 100 meters between the front vehicle and your car.

Use white bars
If there is zero visibility in fog or mist and you cannot see the road in front at all, then at such a time, first bring the car to the bye lane. Then pay attention to the white stripes on the road and try to drive with their help. Keep in mind that the speed should be very low. On roads where there is no white stripe, drive following the road marking or any other vehicle.

Do not use high beam light at all
High beam light should not be used at all in the condition of dense fog. The high beam light only reflects off the fog and reduces visibility. Additionally, high-beam lights reflect off water droplets, creating a glare-like situation. It becomes very difficult to see what is in front. In such times low-beam lights are more correct.


Make yourself more alert
When there is dense fog or smoky conditions on the road and driving becomes difficult, then keep yourself more alert in such situations. During this, do not pay much attention to the talk of mobile phones, loud music, or other people sitting in the car. This can distract your attention. In such a situation even a small mistake can cost you dearly.