Auto Tips: Don't waste your electric car in the pursuit of saving money! understand the whole math before buying...


Electric Car: The demand for electric cars is increasing rapidly all over the world. These cars are being seen as the vehicles of the future. However, the biggest problem with electric cars at present is that they are still much more expensive than petrol-diesel cars. There are only a few electric cars in India right now, which come on an affordable budget, but they also cost more than their petrol counterparts. In this way, those who are planning to buy a new electric car to save money spent on petrol, are probably making a big mistake.


If you are also planning to buy a new electric car and despite being expensive, you are buying an electric car only thinking that by reducing the running cost, we can save a lot of money on petrol. Let us tell you that this is not completely correct in every case. At present, an expensive electric car can be heavy on your pocket. Here is an example to explain it…

Will the electric car be cheaper to run?
Suppose an electric car is available for Rs 17 lakh, while its petrol model is available for Rs 11 lakh. In this way, the electric car is Rs 6 lakh more expensive than the petrol model. If you buy an electric car, you will have to pay Rs 6 lakh more directly. Usually, running a car with petrol costs about Rs 7 per kilometer, while the running cost of an electric car is currently running at Rs 1 per kilometer. Accordingly, you can save around Rs 6 on every kilometer you travel, but even then it may cost you dearly.


Why can electric cars become expensive?
For example, with an electric car, we can save around Rs 6 on every kilometer, but we are paying more than Rs 6 lakh to buy an electric car. Suppose your daily running is 30 km, then you will be able to drive your electric car up to 1 lakh km in about 9 years. When you drive 1 lakh km, then somewhere they will be able to recover 6 lakh rupees. In this way, you will be able to recover the extra 6 lakh rupees spent on the electric car in 9 years and after that, there will be a need to change the vehicle again. Then there is the benefit of this.