Auto News: Car's engine coolant will be ignored in winter, check it on time and change it like this..


In the bitter cold, it is necessary to take care not only of yourself but also of the car. Your car also needs extra care in winter. On the other hand, talking about the cooling system of the car engine, there is a danger of freezing water in the cooling system in cold weather. To overcome this problem, Engine Coolant is used. Engine coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze chemicals. It not only prevents the freezing of water but also increases the boiling point. That's why it is necessary to check and change the engine coolant on time. Engine coolant is not only useful in winter but also plays an important role in summer. The coolant with the pressurized system helps in reducing the risk of overheating the car in the summer. Apart from this, the engine coolant also protects against corrosion. There are many types of engine coolants available in the market. However, which coolant will be better for your car and when it should be changed, we are telling you the complete details.


Keep these things in mind while checking and changing Engine Coolant
Pour Engine Coolant into the correct tank: To pour engine coolant, locate the coolant filler cap. For this, you can also take the help of the vehicle handbook of the car company. If you accidentally pour engine coolant into the screen wash, brake fluid, and power steering reservoir, the car can be damaged. So always add coolant by choosing the right tank with the help of a car manual.

Check Engine Coolant Level: It is very important to check the level of coolant. Its level should be between the maximum and minimum level marks. Another sign of a low engine coolant level is cold air coming out of the dashboard vents even when the dial is set to hot.

Check the Hoses: While checking the coolant, the hoses should also be checked. During this time, if a wet or white stain appears on any of the hoses, it means that there could be some potential danger.

Top-up the coolant if needed: If the coolant level is low, a top-up should be done. If this is not done, the cooling system of the engine of the car will not work properly. However, top-ups should be done with utmost care. Switch off the car and allow the engine to cool completely before topping up. If the filler cap is opened before the engine has cooled down, pressurized hot water will come out immediately. This can burn your skin.

Use the right coolant: Use the engine coolant in your car as per the car manual provided by the car manufacturer. Apart from this, you can also take the help of a professional mechanic. On the other hand, if you are sure that you can change the coolant, then you can also do this work.


Timely check and replace coolant
Let us tell you that engine coolant is also known as antifreeze in the market. You should always buy the engine coolant recommended by the car company for your car. Keeping in mind its importance, car owners should regularly check the engine coolant and replace it if required.