Auto Care Tips: Car engine is also affected by cold, know how to take care of it...


The winter season has started. In this, many people take hours to start their vehicle early in the morning. Not only this, some people even work hard to push it to start. Do you know what is the reason behind this, why it is difficult to start the car this season? There are many big reasons behind this too. Weather affects the health of humans as well as vehicles.


It is very important to know about the engine to avoid any kind of fault in the vehicle this season. After knowing this, you can overcome many problems very easily.

Get regular servicing done
Get the vehicle serviced regularly in the winter season. You must have often seen that in this weather, some people on the roadside stop the vehicle and repair it after opening the bonnet. If you also want to avoid such problems, then it is very important to get the servicing done on time. Not only this, the mechanic can be clearly instructed to clean and oil the engine. There are many problems related to the engine this season.

How to get a solution from a startup problem
During this season, many people are troubled by the problem of starting their vehicles. There are many ways to avoid this. If you also want to get rid of such problems, then keep checking the battery from time to time. If the vehicle is not driven for long in this weather, the battery gets discharged automatically. In such a situation, the car can be started only after pushing it. Not only this, always keep checking the quantity of engine oil and fuel in the vehicle.


In this season, it is necessary to mix not only water but also coolant in the radiator of the car. Keep its ratio 50-50. Many people increase the amount of Coolant in this season and reduce the amount of water, on the other hand, people do the opposite in the summer season. If you want to keep the health of your vehicle safe, then for this keep checking the water from time to time. There are possibilities of it getting frozen only if there is a sufficient amount of water.