YouTube is bringing new features, can watch videos as well as shopping


YouTube is now testing a new feature, after which you will also be able to buy a product directly from YouTube. In common language, if you see an advertisement for a product on YouTube, you can buy the product by clicking on the direct link from there. Apart from this, you will also be able to buy a product by searching, although it is currently being tested.

Testing of this new feature of YouTube is currently being done on some Android and iOS users in the US. Soon it can be released to all. After the new update, the shopping bag icon will be seen in the video. YouTube has informed about the new feature through the Google Support page.

Google-owned YouTube says that the new feature will benefit both users and product suppliers. Viewers will see the complete list of products with the video along with a bag icon which will be on the left side of the video.

Along with the product bag icon, complete information about the product will also be available. Earlier in October 2020 last year, I had asked the creators for the product listing. Data of all products will be linked with Google Shopping tools and analytics.