Year Ender: From Facebook to Microsoft, companies shed sweat in data theft cases in 2019


From 2016 to 2018, India was second in terms of a cyber attack. This trend continues in 2019 as well. Whether it is social media users or Aadhar card users, the personal data of anyone is not secure at present. In the first half of this year, reports of such data leaks came out, due to which users thought it better to travel from Facebook. At the same time, the data of millions of users from WhatsApp to Aadhaar card data was at stake. However, companies are constantly working to deal with such cases, but users need to be careful until cybercrime is over. Here we are giving you information about some such data leaks in the year 2019, due to which the users have to face a lot of trouble and the credibility of the companies was at stake.

Microsoft Data Leak: From 1 January 2019 to 29 March 2019, hackers hacked the account of Microsoft Support Agent. This information was given by Microsoft itself. The company disabled the account of the support agent who was hacked. The company said, "It may be that the hackers have seen or accessed the count of Outlook users." The company had also sent an email to its users regarding the matter. The email is as follows:

Let me tell you that in January, 773 million accounts, more than 10 million passwords, information was leaked. After this, the information about the accounts of users who use Microsoft's @ and @ service was also hacked.

Facebook data leaks: In March this year, data of 540 million Facebook users was leaked. This information was given by the cybersecurity firm Upguard through a report. A tweet was also done for this. Researchers at Upguard had reported that Mexico-based digital media company Cultra Collective had stored 540 million records of Facebook on the Amazon S3 server without a password. Apart from this, another data backup file of Facebook was stored on the server of The Pull, an app maker company. It had a data save of 22,000 users. This data included information like the user's friend list, interest, photos, etc. The matter was reported by Upguard.

WhatsApp data leak: Over 1,400 WhatsApp accounts were hacked within two weeks. Facebook accused Israel's NSO Group of this hacking. Facebook says that it is providing information about people's WhatsApp data to hackers and Israeli government officials. Facebook had reported that in May 2019, its engineers had noticed a high-capacity cyber attack. These attacks were done through WhatsApp video calling. Facebook had claimed that the NSO Group and its parent company Q Cyber ​​Technology hacked the data of 1400 WhatsApp users using its flagship malware Pegasus. This information was given by the company on its official website. Let me tell you that among the 1400 people who spied by the Israeli company, most of them were high-profile people or journalists. WhatsApp has also given information about this matter from its official website.