Xiaomi is bringing smart glass with the best technology, will get the facility to talk with a small screen


Smartphone brand Xiaomi has introduced its first smart glasses. This glass of the company looks like ordinary glasses, but this wearable device is equipped with special features. A small screen has been given in this smart glass, in which users can view messages and translate text easily. Apart from this, AR technology has been used in smart glasses, which enables it to show the way and click photos.

Smart glasses have a 5MP camera

Xiaomi's smart glasses are capable of translating text. A 5MP camera has been given in these glasses, through which users can click photos. Apart from this, the facility of talking in smart glasses will be available. At the same time, this glasses works on the Android operating system and it is equipped with a touchpad.

A design like normal glasses

The design of Xiaomi's smart glasses is similar to normal glasses. 497 components have been used in this. Apart from this, along with miniature sensors in smart glasses, many important sensors have been given.

Equipped with optical waveguide technology

According to the company, smart glasses have a smaller screen. Its peak brightness is 20 lakh nits. It has the support of optical waveguide technology. The special thing is that this screen does not harm the eyes of the user and the user can see the complete picture in it.

Price information not found

Smart glasses from Xiaomi are a concept product. This device can be launched soon. At present, no information has been received regarding the price of these smart glasses. Nor has it been made available for sale.

Facebook's smart glasses will get tough competition

The arrival of Xiaomi's smart glasses in the global market will give tough competition to Facebook's smart glasses. Talking about Facebook's smart glasses, it has a 5MP camera. Through this, users can click photos as well as record videos. Voice commands are available in these glasses. Apart from this, an in-built microphone and speaker have been given in the smart glasses. Through these users can talk on the call. At the same time, the starting price of Facebook's smart glasses has been kept at 299 USD (about Rs 21,000).