Wow!You can video call up to 50 people on WhatsApp, learn an easy way


Let's know how you too make video calls with 50 people on WhatsApp ...

Facebook has recently introduced the Messenger Rooms feature. This allows users to connect up to 50 people at once on a single video call. The good thing is that social media giant Facebook has also introduced it for Instagram (Instagram) and WhatsApp. On the Android version of WhatsApp, the rooms feature has started gradually.

WhatsApp users can also initiate a call with the new room integration, as well as join a room. Let's know how you too make video calls with 50 people at once ...

Note: For information, let us tell you that the video call feature is not end-to-end encrypted like WhatsApp group video calls.

Keep these things in mind first

- Must be the latest version of WhatsApp.

-Internet connectivity.

- The latest version of Facebook Messenger is also necessary.

-Messenger app requires Facebook login information.

Come learn how to create rooms on WhatsApp

>> First open WhatsApp and go to the Call tab at the top.

>> Now tap on the Create a Room option.

>> Now tap on Continue in the Messenger option.

Now you will be redirected to the Messenger app or Messenger website through a mobile browser. This is because the room feature works outside WhatsApp.

>> Now tap on Try it.

>> After this, you will have to go to Create Rooms again and enter the name of the room.

>> You can also tap on the room activity to customize the room.

>> Then tap on Send Link on WhatsApp. This will make WhatsApp Reopen.

>> Now here you have to search, add contacts, or search group chats with whom you want to share the link of the room. Then tap on the Arrow button to share.